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August 12, 2015

Parliament and Members of Parliament (MPs). What a complete waste of the Monsoon Session. No bill passed, no reforms, no nothing. One news channel said the loss to the country was 128 CR. totally incorrect. With the failures of last 2 Parliament sessions, the country would have lost at least 2% of GDP growth. 2% of a 2 trillion dollar economy means $40 Billion taken off the plates of under nourished and poor Indians. Who is going to take the responsibility? So the cost is not Rs. 128 CR, its much, much more than that. Wish some economist spells this our correctly to the masses so we elect better representatives next time and hold them responsible. Also Parliament regulations and rules need to be completely overhauled to ensure this does not happen every time.

Current Status:
Parliamentary session after session is going waste. The only answer is to have regulations that mandate a minimum number of hours per day where only the listed business of the day is allowed to be taken up. Anyone disrupting proceedings of Parliament should be banned for a few days.
It’s the right of MP’s to pass or reject a Bill, but not to disrupt.

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