The place of hard work in the life of Hendon’s Football club champion – Nourdine Hmaimou

Less than one percent of footballers who have played the game regularly during their school days really achieve success in football and gets the opportunity to make a living by playing. Only a small fraction of that one percent gets the chance to play in the big leagues or Football clubs and earn the fortune & fame. The Hendon Football Club current young player of the year Nourdine Hmaimou has tasted the success at a tender age gaining appreciation from everyone.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, all he wanted to do was play football. The Center Attacking Midfielder Nourdine Hmaimou claims playing Football has always been a dream of his and he had a long-term plan to one day play for Hendon Football Club.

But have you ever wondered what is it like to be a football player? The answer in a word is ‘hard work’!

There are injuries, there are defeats, there are failures, but there are moments that banish all that hurt in one go. And in 2017, Nourdine Hmaimou experienced one of those moments when Hendon Football Club signed him to play with the club. It wasn’t unexpected – Nourdine had been racking up the wins and gaining popularity but still, it had the kind of ethereal quality to it; the kind of quality audiences usually associate with a dream.

To be the best in the World at anything is incredible, but to be the best requires more than just a dollop of luck. Nourdine has several coaching qualifications and has been coaching football a lot. He is also currently a student as UCFB, taking a three-year course on Football Coaching and Management.

Nourdine 19 says, “Playing on a field with national players is a lot faster and a lot more physical than playing in school. On the field you don’t have as much time on the ball, hence you have to use your presence of mind and make early decisions. You have to be on your top form, work harder than you used to in order to boss the game!”

Contrary to the belief that players are lazy and overpaid, footballers work incredibly hard to stay in peak physical condition. Nourdine gets training for several hours a week to stay at the top. Football is a game that requires quite a few fitness components in combination with tactical and quick decision power. Skill, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, strength, and power are vital for any professional footballer.

The Moroccan star says “Focus and determination needed to work hard, consistently, is a talent and should not be taken for granted or devalued. Success doesn’t come suddenly. It takes time and it is something that I have been trying to achieve and am working on constantly. Every dream takes time so you just have to keep at it and someday it can come true.”

Appreciating their Center forward, even Hendon Football Club says, “Certain qualities are a pre-requisite in a center attacking midfielder. Run around, chase lost causes all game, and Nourdine is best at that and we’re congratulating him for being the best tactical thinker around!”





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