Snapchat Outage, Said to Affect Android Users, Has Now Been Resolved

Messaging app Snapchat has reportedly been crashing down on some Android devices for the past couple of days, the media reported. The issue has since been fixed, the company revealed late on Wednesday night.

“We’re aware many Snapchatters are experiencing crashing on the app. We’re looking into it and working on a fix!” Snapchat Support said in a tweet, first acknowledging the issue on Wednesday.

About six hours later, the Snap said it had resolved the issue: “Update: We were able to patch things up and resolve the issue causing the app to crash. If you’re still having trouble, try force-closing the app. Thank you for your patience,” the company tweeted.

According to a report in The Independent late on Wednesday, the app was down across Britain.

The app started crashing one day after Snapchat announced that it was rolling out a new Lens Explorer to allow users to browse through thousands of lenses created by the app in recent months, the report said.

The company, however, is yet to confirm whether or not the bug is only affecting Android devices.

Many users took to social media and expressed the issues they were facing with the app.

Written with inputs from IANS


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