September 8, 1978, Forty Years Ago

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September 8, 1978, Forty Years Ago

Deluge in UP

Flood waters have entered Allahabad and Varanasi and the army has gone into action to fight the grim situation and protect the two cities from total inundation. In Allahabad, the Ganga was flowing just 40 cm below the historic protective bund and was rising at a rate of 4 cm/hour. Its level was 3.53 metres above the red mark while the Jamuna was flowing 3.16 metres above the danger mark. Both the rivers are expected to rise further in the next 48 hours. In Varanasi, the Ganga was flowing about two metres above the red mark. The flood waters have entered Nagwa, Sankat Mochan, Lanka, Durga Kund, Assi, Mathighat, Harishchandra Ghat and the Godulia Chowk in the heart of the city. Banaras Hindu University has been virtually cut off from rest of the city, the road leading to it being under waist-deep water.

Billa’s Assault

Two persons, one of them matching the description given out by the police of the notorious criminal Billa, reportedly attacked Sukhdev Singh, a truck cleaner, with a blunt instrument and absconded with his vehicle from outside the Old Delhi Railway Station on the night of August 29, the day on which the bodies of the Chopra children were found. According to the complaint lodged with the police, two young men approached Sukhdev Singh, who was standing beside his vehicle parked near Pili Kholi at about 9.15 pm, attacked him with a blunt weapon, got into the truck and drove it away.

Iran On The Boil

An estimated 1,00,000 anti-Shah demonstrators carrying banners and shouting slogans against the ruler marched through Teheran, defying a ban on rallies and demonstrations. The crowd blocked traffic in the capital for miles. Many shops were closed and shuttered. Several thousand soldiers armed with sub-machine guns, rifles and bayonets were on guard along the route of the march but made no attempt to interfere.

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