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On Sunday morning, while most of us were catching up on some unmissable memes, Reddit was imploding. Why? Because a supposed season 7 trailer of Fortnite was posted to a thread on the site. The YouTube video, posted by Nonillion, has just under 3,000 views, but has created enough discussion to rival a debate at the United Nations…almost. Fortnite sites pointed out that the trailer looked suspect as it lacked the usually stellar polish game trailers possess. The shots featuring Douglas C-47 and A.I.M. were also a dead giveaway, but leave it to the Internet to get overexcited over, well, anything — as Ethan Crisp of the FortniteINTEL blog agrees.

Oh, and it wasn’t real! Sean Hamilton, the Community Coordinator at Epic Games, confirmed via Twitter it’s a fan-made video. Sorry, guys.

Graded, Internet-style

On Fortnite season 7

Ainee Fatima is an international hero. Not just because the Chicago-based teacher uses stickers of memes to mark her students’ work but also because of raising a red flag to the standardised testing system.

The red marks across Ainee’s own test papers growing up gave her anxiety, so she decided to do something different: memes. Pasting memes — be they from SpongeBob SquarePants or of Gordon Ramsay — are a way to also connect with her students and to remain respectful of mistakes while encouraging them to learn.

She posted the stickers on Twitter last month and, in no time obviously, the tweet went viral with 10.4 million views and counting. Teachers out there, are you ready for a grading game change?

Viral for mediums

Heard of Isobar’s viewCent? No, it’s not a brand of prescription medicines — though it does sound like it. It’s a tool used to predict the viral potential of a piece of content. While the tool sounds like a dream for marketing teams across the country, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Have we become so lazy with regard to empowering the substance of content through hits, likes and retweets rather than quality and style? With every invention, come the risks of misuse, after all.

But before I go down a rabbit hole of angst, let’s see how the access to the product actually works.

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