Nourdine Hmaimou – The Tactical Winger

Displaying extraordinary seriousness and versatility in all his performances, Nourdine Hmaimou is here to master the rules and change the definition of a football player in London’s Hendon Football Club. Leaving audiences gobsmacked with his unique techniques and the number of goals scored, The Moroccan winger is currently one of the most important assets for the team.

Born in East London, the United Kingdom to Moroccan parents, Nourdine started his career at a tender age of 12 playing for Sporting Bengal Academy. He has also played 5 games with Senrab FC the same league that gave the world star players like John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, and Frank Lampard. Now that’s something!

He went on to play with Wealdstone’s under17/18 team. It was in 2017, Hendon Football Club, signed him for their team, where he got an opportunity to get formal training with the national under 18 level players. Since then till today, he is on a quest of making his way in the United Kingdom football league making a good impression on everybody.

Today his resume packs an impressive punch with 4 appearances in the Bostik Premier Division this season and with the most number of touches on the ball for his team. A man whose career is a true example of talent finding its place, Nourdine Hmaimou is altering the template of a Football player at such a young age.

Though there’s enough reason for self-aggrandizement with fellow teammates and the superstar Wayne Rooney himself appreciating his performances, Nourdine is happy to just let his play do the talking. Wayne Rooney once told CNN World Sport “Nourdine Hmaimou is a fantastic player and he has achieved this dream by doing it for himself!” Much-admired for his performances in the semi-professional football club, the center attacking midfielder kicks the ball like a legend. People would often say that he kicks like a man and is a kid in a man’s body!

Accustomed to all the popularity, Nourdine is still down-to-earth juggling hard to keep up with the image yet shows gratitude towards life. His performances have always won him accolades right from his school days. Be it London University’s debate finalist, or 1500m, Long Jump, 4x100m relay and High Jump winner in secondary school, or winning the league in secondary school with the top goal scorer, he has always been the winner in life. He has also claimed the third spot in a tournament in Bedfordshire competing against Arsenal FC and winning the top scorer award in the tournament.

The tactical thinker has an amazing knack of scoring amazing goals and displays quick approach towards building the most technical plays. There’s a sort of unparalleled quality to the way Nourdine romances with the ball. There’s a sound judgment and striking techniques to Nourdine’s playing – one of the most remarkable qualities that leave the audiences and big sports stars pleasantly impressed. Wayne Rooney also once said “I was impressed by the kid and was aware of him even before I had seen him play. He was fantastic, physically so strong and fast, that made him stand out of the other players.” So well, here’s the rising star Nourdine Hmaimou for us!

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