Nourdine Hmaimou determined to prove he can lead the Hendon Attack!

Nourdine Hmaimou raises the temperature of the game whenever he steps on to the field. By his pace decision making quality along with being ruthless in front of goal, he definitely knows a thing or two about making a good impression. Whether it’s arriving on the field with swag or playing the match with spectacular energy, all eyes are on Nourdine once he enters and starts playing with vivacity.
Since the time he has started playing for Hendon Football Club, Nourdine has shown an immense amount of resilience and fortitude. It is fine to say that Hendon’s career is on peak and has played out of the way just as young Moroccan star thought it would. He has definitely mastered the art of delivering the best from the deepest reserves of his talent.
He has played only a few games with the club, yet making all his fellow teammates his fan and being the top scorer of the game. The 5’10” heightened player, is shaping a new path by breaking all the boundaries in football by sometimes playing as Center attacking midfielder and sometimes as the right winger. What’s more, his innate ability to think fast and a natural talent of playing football with such passion makes him a force of empowerment.
Many of the United Kingdom people believe that Nourdine has that winning streak and that the responsibility of the next generation is on the shoulders of the 19-year old Center attacker! Having emerged from one of the best Hendon Football Club Academy, the teenager has caught the eye of many champion players like Wayne Rooney, Pep Guardiola and has already featured in the first team on numerous occasions.
Nourdine is a man of action and despite his popularity, he continues to remain focussed through his hardworking approach and strong playing techniques – it’s everything you’d want in a leading Hendon Center Attacker! The team’s star titleholder says, “With the surge in people’s interest in Football and in platforms like Instagram as well as Internet, it’s an interesting time to be part of the Bostik League Premier Division. It’s a time that is replete with several opportunities, and being out-of-the-box in the crowd full of talent has what earned me a lot of success and winning goals.”
He says, “Along with my journey the one lesson I have learned is to determined and keep things simple. In today’s age, everyone is working around the clock, constantly enduring stress and anxiety. Under such circumstances, I’ve learned we don’t have to go with the flow to be a successful footballer, in fact, we have to be the Flow!”
Hendon is proud to have Nourdine in their club and says, “What the team has achieved with the support of the Center Forward is really inspiring. Seen as a leader to many people, Nourdine is an inspiration to many passionate dreamers driving them to explore this arena with gusto.”
Nourdine Hmaimou has everything possible to succeed at the top level and has caused a stir amongst his fans in the United Kingdom proving his will to lead the Hendon Attack!

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