Need To Get A New Debit Card Issued? Here Are Charges You Have To Pay

Debit cards are issued by banks to enable their customers to perform tasks. These range from cash withdrawal at an ATM to payment at a Point of Sale (PoS) to online payment for shopping via e-commerce. Among the several types of debit cards offered by banks today, some debit cards are issued free of cost while others attract certain charges. Top banks such as State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank levy charges in the range of Rs 200 to Rs 300 plus applicable GST towards reissuance of debit card. These are the charges you must bear for replacement of your debit card should you need to get a new one.

Here are three kinds of charges you have to bear for services related to your debit card:

1. Debit card reissuance/debit card replacement charges

SBI charges a fee of 300 for replacement of a debit card, according to the bank’s corporate website –

ICICI Bank charges a fee of Rs 200 per card towards replacement of card in case of loss or damage, according to its website – 

HDFC Bank levies a fee of Rs 200 towards replacement or reissuance of a debit card. 

2. Debit card annual maintenance charges

SBI charges a fee of Rs 125 towards annual maintenance of its Classic debit card, according to its website.

Except its Coral debit card, ICICI Bank charges no fee towards annual maintenance charge for its debit cards. For the Coral debit card, the bank charges a joining fee of Rs. 499 and an annual fee of the same amount, according to its website. 

For its Platinum debit card, HDFC Bank charges a fee of Rs 750 as annual renewal fee, according to the bank’s website. 

3. Regeneration of debit card PIN

SBI charges a fee of Rs 50 plus GST for regeneration of PIN for a debit card through a branch, according to its website.

ICICI Bank has stipulated a fee of Rs 25 as debit card PIN re-generation charges. These charges are “not applicable if request through Instapin at Branch/Customer Care (IVR)”, according to the bank.

HDFC Bank charges a fee of Rs 50 for generation of ATM PIN. However, there are no charges applicable to customers generating an instant pin, wherein the customer sets up the PIN using net banking or mobile banking, according to the bank’s website.

The charges – relating to all three categories – exclude applicable taxes, the banks mentioned separately on their websites.


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