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MY POSTS ON FACEBOOK – Israel Policy Forum


June 28, 2014

Policy Forum: China again demands Arunachal Pradesh. The CM of Arunachal Pradesh says we should ‘talk’ to them and ‘find a solution’ to the ‘problem’. What problem, what solution? Why talk to China and legitimize their demands on our territory. China (as the rest of the world) has seen only weakness emanating from India. Of course there are bound to be demands and threats. Why don’t we show some spine for a change and demand back our thousands of kilometers of land usurped by China in the 1961 war? Never heard a squeak from the Govt. of India on this.

Current Status:

There are 2 extremes in the world. One end is India, weak to extreme weak. Talk, talk and more talk. Our policy is turn the other cheek. The other example is Israel. The Israeli Policy is an eye for an eye plus the other eye too.

India maintains peace by way of talks, we lost thousands of Square miles of land to China in 1961. We continue to lose our citizens and armed men to continued terrorism acts of Pakistan which is actually such a puny country.

Israel hits back with all its force. They kill a 100 enemies for every one of theirs.

It’s just our weak thinking and DNA, honed by centuries of being traders and centuries of being under first by the Mogul Marauders, then the wily Europeans and British.

Why don’t we change? It’s a well-known fact that an attack is the best form of defense.

I rest my case………

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