Mumbai: Monkeys create havoc in Marol, terrorised residents seek help

Mumbai: Residents of Eco Elegance building in Marol, Andheri, are terrorised and concerned over the monkey menace that they are facing over a few weeks. According to the residents, monkeys are attacking the residents and creating havoc. “What we are worried about is their aggression. If they don’t get food, they tend to get aggressive,” said William Pereira, secretary of the building. He added that monkeys have also taken away fruits and vegetables from inside the houses.

“The children in particular have been terrorised by above monkey menace and despite holidays they are unable to play and walk in open,” Pereira added.  The monkeys have started venturing into the area since last week and have been wreaking havoc in the society. The society is undergoing painting repairs and hence they climb the scaffoldings used for the labourers and venture into houses.

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The residents have alleged that despite calling the Mumbai Fire Brigade suburban headquarters, they received no response. However, Prabhat Rahangdale, chief fire officer, said by the time the officials reach the spot, the monkeys leave the premises. “We are working on the situation and will address the problem,” he said.

“The main reason for monkeys to leave the forest and come into the residential areas is the easy accessibility of food. Either people here feed them fruits or they find these eatables in the open garbage bins. Once monkeys get used to getting food easily they keep coming and end up entering homes in search of getting more,” said Godfrey Pimenta, trustee, NGO Watchdog Foundation who escalated the complaints to Municipal Commissioner. Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has taken cognisance of the residents’ complaints and has asked the concerned officials to look into the matter at the earliest.


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