Liverpool Fans Loved How Mohamed Salah Reacted to Young Pitch Invader in West Ham Win

​​Liverpool star Mohamed Salah took an unorthodox approach to tackling a pitch invader during his side’s game against ​West Ham this afternoon. 

The Egyptian star refused to shy away from the child and let the stewards get on with their usual plan of action, instead offering the young fan some alone time with his hero whilst putting a friendly arm around the passionate youngster. 

​​It is refreshing to see such a human reaction to an action so usually frowned upon in football. 

Whilst it is still a cause for concern when someone invades the pitch, it must’ve become clear to Salah that the child was only after a quick interaction with his icon, prompting this friendly response from the former Roma forward. 

In what has become the main source of all fans’ reaction, Twitter threw up some comical reactions to Salah’s method of dealing with the young invader…

​​Young pitch invader > Angelo Ogbonna 


​​Whilst many were touched by Salah’s heartwarming gesture to his young fan, a few others weren’t so happy with the incident… 

​​West Ham’s players and fans may have actually appreciated the break in play thanks to the pitch invader, as it meant that they would be afforded a moment or two to get their collective breaths back after having rings run around them all afternoon. 


​​Stewards? Not needed. Just get the Liverpool man to do their job, calmly walking pitch invaders off the field with his arm around them. A much kinder method than the usual rugby tackle we see, although that’s still a good laugh.  What can’t this man do?!

Some fans, however, clearly pine for good old Mark Noble’s way of dealing with things…



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