Leading by example: Nourdine Hmaimou playing like a leader on the pitch!


Every fan has an opinion about the best players in football, but nearly everyone agrees on the

greatness of a few players. Each athlete on the field contributes to the global appeal of what football

players call the “Beautiful game”. Every country has their best soccer teams capturing the hearts of

the nation along with domestic teams who every now and again make the nation proud. With young

players leading the path to expertise, the future of football is very bright with many good leaders

getting ready to lead the team.

But, just like a successful organization needs the vision of a good manager, a football team needs the

guidance of a good leader on the pitch who can take the team on the next level! A famous song by

Feargal Sharkey says, “A good leader is hard to find”. A solid leader, especially during the premier

league, is difficult to come by these days. There have been many great leaders in the past that wear

their hearts on the sleeves, but not all have the best policy to lead the team.

Sometimes you need someone with nerves of steel, a level head, and a calm composure to be the

man on the pitch. Even though these are rare traits to be found in one, but there are those that have

excelled in the area to become the legends of the game. And one such name is Nourdine Hmaimou –

the history-maker leading the way for young Moroccan players settling in the UK.

Born in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, Nourdine is a physical player with an explosive

burst of pace and a good left foot. His ability to mesmerize the defenders with an amalgamation of

skill and speed is unmatched, and it often appears as though the ball is glued to his feet. The star of

the Hendon Football Club Nourdine demonstrates tactical decision-making ability and is the top

scorer of the game making all his fellow teammates his fan.

Nourdine Hmaimou is a master at weaving his way into difficult striking situations, is deadly and

fast in one-on-one situations, and an excellent free-kick taker. Always giving his 100 percent, his

link-up play with his teammates is of the highest order. Scoring more goals in limited assists than

all his fellow players at the same stage of their careers, Nourdine has the streak to be the leader a

team needs on the pitch. With more than 70 games under his belt at a tender age of 19, Nourdine

became a star in his own right.

Although there are plenty of contenders in the Hendon Football club U-19 squad, it will take a lot

for anyone to match Nourdine’s achievements in the game and his quality on the pitch. Even Coach

Gary McCann claims that Nourdine is hands down the best midfielder in the Bostik Youth Division

exuding confidence in everything he does.

A great finisher, supreme dribbler who boasts the speed and skill required to beat multiple

opponents, excellent tactical decision-maker, and top scorer capable of scoring consistently from a

long range, Nourdine exhibits all the traits to lead the Moroccan National Team one day!

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