Indian Railways Circular Journey Ticket Booking Rules Explained Here

Indian Railways provides the facility of booking circular journey tickets. Circular journey tickets are issued for all journeys – other than regular routes – that begin and conclude at the same station, according to Indian Railways’ portal – Circular journey tickets can be purchased for all booking classes. A maximum of eight break journeys are admissible on these tickets, according to Indian Railways. Circular journey train tickets give the benefit of telescopic rates, which are considerably lower than regular point-to-point fares.

By booking Indian Railways circular tickets, the passenger not only saves time but also avoids the inconvenience of booking the ticket at each leg of the journey. Indian Railways also offers the facility of booking standard circular journey tickets. A standard circular journey covers popular destinations for the convenience of tourists.

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Here are some of the rules stipulated by Indian Railways for circular journey tickets:

1.Once the itinerary is finalized, the passenger can approach the Divisional Commercial Manager of the division of particular major stations that are part of the journey. The Divisional Commercial Manager or the station authorities then calculates the cost of the tickets based on the itinerary. He or she also informs the Station Manager of the same in a prescribed format.

2. Circular journey tickets can be purchased by presenting this form at the booking office of the station where the passenger proposes to start the journey. After purchasing the circular journey ticket, the passenger must approach the reservation office to reserve accommodation for various laps of journey. The passenger will then be issued reserved journey ticket for the journey.

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3. No standard circular journey tickets are issued by the Southern Railways, an arm of Indian Railways. Only circular journey tickets can be issued by this zone.

4. A circular journey ticket is charged for as two single journeys, wherein the length of each single journey is taken as half of the total distance, according to Indian Railways.

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5. A 40 per cent concession for male senior citizens and 50 per cent for female senior citizens is granted on the cost of the circular journey tickets on travel of a minimum distance of 1,000 kilometres.


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