Furries share concerns about pay-dating fraudulence: limelight on FurFling.com. Is FurFling.com a “scam site”?

Furries share concerns about pay-dating fraudulence: limelight on FurFling.com. Is FurFling.com a “scam site”?

A Flayrah exclusive investigation for Furry public interest

Josh is really a 22-year old single wolf searching for a mate on Pounced.org. He defines himself as “friendly, truthful, caring, and enjoyable. ” He warns other hopeful romantics about another dating website, after he canceled service: “save your valuable cash, and get away from frustration. Which he says overcharged him”

FurFling.com will turn one yr old in belated 2013. After nine months of task, it boasts 21,000 users in posts to Twitter- a quantity called into concern by proof later on in this specific article. It really is certainly not the very first dating website that targets furries. Other people, like Pounced (established in 2003) provide free service by as well as fans. But FurFling varies by bringing brand new solutions to entice payments, often seen on commercial web web sites like Adult buddy Finder that attract allegations of fraudulence.

The furry economy keeps growing, sufficient reason for it comes exploitation. Within their protection, pay-dating web web web sites often tout partnerships they will have made. Nonetheless, advertised rates of active users and matches that are successful for hefty scepticism. FurFling is into the limelight since it has raised numerous concerns on furry forums. Beyond this 1 instance, ideally this article can notify readers about pay-dating as a whole. (it’s going to reserve the main topic of whether furries should date other furries just. In this author’s opinion, which is a slim focus, but there is absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing incorrect with sharing passions and fantasies. Phwoar! )

Is FurFling.com a “scam web web site”?

On Reddit, the r/furry community discusses dating that is internet and worries about FurFling:

Flayrah editor GreenReaper provides a individual viewpoint (independently using this article, without any input into the writer):

FurFling has been buying up marketing where it could; i obtained a demand for Flayrah. Their tweets appear condescending. We suspect they’re not really furry fans by themselves, but desire to make some money off a distinct segment.

They have been legit. I’m sure the individuals whom operate it behind the scenes, in addition they’ve also contacted FA regarding advertising (but were refused). Cannot say a lot more than that, nevertheless they are legit.

WikiFur’s talk web web page addresses their usage of “bots”, plus an editor that is anonymous states:

We contacted Dragoneer to inquire about for the viewpoint from some body nearer to the owners. We also reached off live sex to your owners. Reactions will observe. First, let us get into the presssing issue with an increase of information.

The loneliness of others

A member asked: “So FurFling is a scam, right? On the Bay Area Furries mailing list” people responded:

We made a profile not long ago but quit they make you pay to read your private messages on it because. Then I pointed out that I have a terrible large amount of messages, like two on a daily basis, despite my profile perhaps perhaps perhaps not being that interesting, additionally the names of individuals giving the communications are usually variety of generic and do not appear in google queries.

I believe it states a thing that furry is currently big sufficient we have actually shady organizations focunited statesing on us especially!

They even attempted to fool me personally with fake feminine fur names. That is why i shall don’t ever pay money for this sort of services. We think it is actually unfortunate that individuals utilizes the loneliness of other people, to test building a money.: (

I would endeavor to state ANY social/dating site which makes you pay money for something is a fraud.

You can find probing criticisms about pay-dating as a whole. In 2012, the fairly popular free dating site OKCupid put away a weblog article en en en titled: why should you never ever Pay For online dating sites. Once they had been sold to pay-dating business Match.com, this article ended up being disassembled, bringing conjecture about any of it’s PR injury to business interest. Advocates had been careful to protect it somewhere else. It details why the business structure of pay-dating “is fundamentally broken”, since they “profit from their clients’ dissatisfaction. “

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