Forty Years Ago, July 27, 1978: Test-tube Baby

By: Editorial | Published: July 27, 2018 12:12:55 am

The front page of The Indian Express on July 27, 1978

A baby girl, believed to be the first human conceived outside the womb, was born to a woman who couldn’t have a child by normal means. The baby was reported to be in good condition. The birth occurred in the General Hospital in the northern England town of Oldham. The mother, 30-year-old Lesley Brown, was “over the moon”. The baby was conceived when researchers combined an egg from Brown with her husband’s sperm in a test tube, inducing fertilisation, then implanted the embryo in the mother’s body.

Nuclear Research

Prime Minister Morarji Desai reassured the Lok Sabha that India will continue using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. “There is no question of not using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. We are going at it fully,” he said. Desai sought to make a distinction between nuclear explosion for research and blasting for a specific purpose like mining, oil or water exploitation.

China Relations

defence minister Jagjivan Ram, assured the Rajya Sabha that while the government would make all efforts to improve relations with China and other neighbouring countries, it would not in any way compromise the nation’s security. He said the process of normalisation of relations with China was initiated by the previous government and the Janata government was continuing that process.

Dalits Killed

Nine Dalits were killed in Villuparam, about 100 miles away from Madras, following a clash between caste Hindus and Dalits. The clash was a sequel to the July 23 bandh over an incident involving a caste Hindu and Dalits. The bodies were found floating in a tank.

Maharashtra MLAs

The Maharashtra PCC expelled all those legislators who were supporting the Sharad Pawar government from the Congress.

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