Dosas, puddles and more

Over the weekend, Facebook-er Patrick Aaron Johnson shared an image with the caption ‘No one should ever be able to buy this’. At first glance, it looks like a heavy-duty automatic rifle, talking about the gun control discourse. But upon closer examination, the ‘gun’ turns out to be a bunch of cameras arranged with a tripod on a bed, with one commenter quipping, “Not at those prices. Nikon cameras aren’t cheap.”

The funnily deceptive picture posted by Patrick Aaron Johnson

The funnily deceptive picture posted by Patrick Aaron Johnson  

Have you ever galavanted into Reddit/India? Sometimes it’ll have you chortling, while at other times, you’ll be holding your head in bemusement. On Monday morning, my mind — barely recovering from the ‘yanny vs laurel’ debacle — was subjected to another conundrum. ‘Masala dosa or Jupiter from the bottom?’ It actually could have been an interesting debate, but it went viral for the wrong reason.

Now, the masala dosa I know is filled with yummy aloo fillings, not as the picture seems to show some barely-there and atrociously patchy streaks of… something. And so, naturally, the comments latched onto the aesthetic of a masala dosa. User ‘amuchlongusername’ was indignant, “Masala dosa is the one with potato filling (with/out chutney). Get your dosas straight.” A couple of Redditors simply said the image resembled a Mysore dosa more than a masala dosa, which stirred up more controversy, with user ‘vouwrfact’ responding, “That’s definitely not a Mysore masala dosa because it would have a spread of chutney on it, and it’s definitely not a Madras masala dosa because it ain’t got no masala on it!”

Some were a little more forgiving of the blunder, with user ‘concerned_islander’ simply averring, “[It’s] Jupiter! Why would a masala dosa have a ‘great red spot’ on the north-west side?” indicating the anticyclonic storm.

Leave it to our people to make something so off-tangent, it’s frustrating.

Delving deeper into subreddit, I happened upon a thread where people were sharing vivid memories around puddles. It’s an appropriate one, given the rains chucking down at the moment.

It started with a person ‘harddisc’ in Gurgaon, toppling over into a murky puddle that wasn’t barricaded by the local council. The water has gathered there because a manhole cover was removed. Having fallen over, he lost his phone and went home drenched in filth.

He concluded the story with, “From that day onward I fear murky water. [Because] swimming pool ke alawa swimming ki himaat he nahi hoti hai. Water has to be clean and it should be a well-lit area.”

The user then opened the subject to sharing personal puddle stories.

One person ‘billoranitv’ said, “Used to fix my cycle into such puddles in parks when I was a kid. Then I used to create a fountain by revolving the rear tyre. Good old days,” while another simply said, “Yep. I once fell in one and my friends f***ing died. The end.”

I love how the Internet can bring people together through a random topic such as this, resulting in a fun discussion about nostalgia and, more importantly, offline memories like munching dosa or going for a murky swim.

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