Bhopal: Glimpses of individual collector’s passion, collection

Bhopal: On the International Museum Day which falls on May 18, Free Press spoke of some people in the city who have collection fossils, ancient potteries, stones tools, bricks, 200-years-old hand-written Panchang and utensils, 70-years-old walnut tray at their homes making ‘Mini Museum’. They also have foreign currencies, postal stamps, coins, books and photographs. Some of them also have collection of ancient, unique coins and currencies of 40 countries. They have collected these rare collections as their passion without taking government help.

Narayan Vyas, Retd. Superintending archaeologist, ASI

I have inculcated the habbit of collecting ancient things since my childhood. My father who was freedom fighter inspired me to collect coins, philately, postcards and handed over his own stock of collection to me. Grand father of my father used to give records of writing letters.

After retirement, I started collecting stone-age tools, ancient potteries and bricks at my home. I have around 2,000 artefacts, especially stone-age tools, fossils and coins are in my collection. Stone weapons used by stone age man (around 150 stones), ancient pottery from Indus Valley Civilisation (more than 50 pots), ancient coin from Maurya Dynasty, Kushan Age, Mughal Age, and coins of present age (more than 200 coins), post cards from 1898, 1903 and envelops (1903), postal stamps of ancient monuments, great personalities, are in my collection.

A 200-years-old hand written panchang is also in my collection. I also have a library in which have books of history and literature. I get immense support from my wife Sadhna. She helps in the preservation of these huge and rare collections which we have also displayed in many exhibitions. I have also held lecture session in schools and colleges to impart my knowledge to youths.

Mohammed Shamim Hashmi, Grocery shopkeeper

We have 50 to 150-years-old traditional silver Paandan (betel pots), 200-year-old Kitchen utensils, inkpot, 70-year-old walnut tray and inkpot holders. I also have a special glass which we can fold and keep in pocket. Besides, we have itra (perfume) bottle, made up of wood, glass and steel from the era of Nawabs. Besides, we have old books including History of Tipu Sultan, Kissa Alif Laila, Tarikh-e- Hind and Hukma (Hand Written), photographs of original building of Bhopal, ancient and new coins of 56 countries.

I started collecting the rare things when I was of age 7 and now I am of 71. Not only I but also my son and grandsons and daughters are also into collecting of rare things. We have engaged one room especially to keep my collection. To collect rare things are our passion so we spend 8000 to 10000 annually for the upkeep of the collection. We don’t get any government help in it.

I B Pant, Retd. Executive Engineer, BHEL

Coin collection is not just my hobby but it is my heart and soul. I have been collecting coin and currencies since two decades. The passion of collecting coins started when I was in BHEL. My general Manager J E Mechlien who was British used to gift me coins. At present, I have collection of more than 20,000 coins, made of silver and copper of more than 150 countries.

Apart from coins, I am also passionate about currency notes collection. I have currency notes i.e. five lakh Turkey Lira, 10000 Dong , 2000 Irarian Rial, 1000 South Korean Won. I have a collection of coins and currencies from over 40 countries. I have Euro set of nine countries and Dollar set of 11 countries. I have 2 pound to half tones coins. I have displayed my collections in various exhibitions.

Dr. Vijay Mohabe

I have various types of nails. Since childhood I love nail polish and I used to paint nails of my sisters. Then people used to call me girl but now they call me artists when I use my nail to make painting. I started nail painting since 1970 and till now I have five to six nails of mine in my collection. I have made painting of many national leaders and film actors across world including Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Nehru, Abdul Kalam, Manmohan Singh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Amitabh Bachchan and many more and won appreciation. Besides, I also have collection of foreign coins, crystals and medieval artefacts. My nails have been exhibited in Russia.


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