Asia Cup Live: Rohit Falls After Fifty But India In Control vs Pakistan

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Kedar Jadhav starred with the ball as Pakistan were bowled out for 162 in 43.1 overs. Sarfraz Ahmed, winning the toss, elected to bat against India in Dubai. Bhuvneshwar gave India the upper hand early in the game by dismissing both Pakistan openers Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq. Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam, the two new batsmen, steadied the Pakistani innings by taking singles and doubles, with occasional boundaries. Slowly, both the batsmen picked up pace and started to counter-attack. Malik and Babar had strung together a 82-run partnership and were looking threatening. However, Kuldeep Yadav had other plans as he dismissed Babar for 47. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Match 5, Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, Sep 19, 2018

  • IND

    118/2 (19.2)


  • PAK

    162/10 (43.1)


Play in Progress

CRR: 6.1

need 45 runs in 184 balls at 1.46 rpo

  • Ambati Rayudu6 (14)
  • Dinesh Karthik10 (11)
  • Faheem Ashraf 23/1 (4)
  • Fakhar Zaman 10/0 (1.5)

Shoaib Malik, who survived two times in the innings, was ultimately dismissed for 43, courtesy a brilliant Ambati Rayudu direct hit. Before Malik departed, the Pakistani captain fell prey to Kedar Jadhav as Manish Pandey took a spectacular catch in the deep to cut short Sarfraz’s stay in the middle. Following this, Pakistan, who could not gain momentum in the game, kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Bhuvneshwar and Jadhav shared six wickets between them and Jasprit Bumrah ended the innings with figures of 2/23. In middle of this all, India were dealt with a huge blow as Hardik Pandya had to be stretchered out after sustaining a back injury. It is highly unlikely of Pandya coming out to bat for India. (Play fantasy league and win cash daily)

Live updates of India vs Pakistan, 2018 Asia Cup match straight from Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

22:29 IST: India 118/2 in 19 overs, need 42 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

22:28 IST: Faheem Ashraf concedes just four runs in his fourth over.

22:24 IST: India 114/2 in 18 overs, need 49 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

22:22 IST: SIX!! Fakhar Zaman bowls a half-tracker and Karthik rocks back quickly and dispatches the ball in the stands. That was big.

22:21 IST: India 106/2 in 17 overs, need 57 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

22:18 IST: Dinesh Karthik is the new man in.

22:17 IST: WICKET!! Faheem Ashraf sends back Shikhar Dhawan for 46. Faheem bowled short and wide, Dhawan cuts and cuts it straight to Babar Azam at point. India 104/2 in 16.3 overs.

22:15 IST: India 100/1 in 16 overs, need 63 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

22:13 IST: Things are not looking good for Pakistan. Shadab Khan is walking off the field due to an injury. Fakhar Zaman will complete his over.

22:10 IST: India 98/1 after the 15th over. They are cruising in the 163-run chase.

22:08 IST: FOUR!! Hasan Ali bowls short and provides a bit of width, Dhawan rocks back and cuts the ball for a boundary. The timing on that shot was impeccable.

22:07 IST: India 92/1 after 14 overs vs Pakistan, need 71 more runs to win.

22:05 IST: FOUR!! Shikhar Dhawan goes inside-out and caresses Shadab Khan for a boundary through the cover. Dhawan is in fine touch. It seems he is continuing his form from his last match.

22:04 IST: Ambati Rayudu is the new man in.


22:00 IST: WICKET!! Shadab Khan gets the danger man. Bowls a googly in his first ball, Rohit fails to read as the ball crashes into the stumps. Rohit Sharma walks back for 52. India 86/1 in 13.1 overs.

21:59 IST: India 86/0 after 13 overs, need 77 more runs to win.

21:58 IST: Rohit Sharma brings up his 35th ODI fifty with a boundary down the ground. The crowd is thoroughly enjoying this. Ritika Sajdeh, who is present in the stands, is happy as she applauds. 

21:56 IST: SIX!! Hasan Ali bowls short and gets punished immediately. Rohit pulls it with great power. The ball came off the meat of the bat. The Indian captain is looking in great form.

21:55 IST: India 73/0 after 12 overs, need 90 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

21:54 IST: FOUR!! Faheem Ashraf bowls on the pads and Dhawan flicks the ball for a boundary. The ball raced away to the boundary. Sarfraz Ahmend is not happy with his bowlers.

21:51 IST: FREE-HIT — Faheem Ashraf bowls full and wide, Dhawan fails to capitalise as he hits the ball straight to the fielder at mid-off.

21:50 IST: No-ball from Faheem Ashraf. India get a free-hit.

21:49 IST: India 66/0 after 11 overs, need 97 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

21:47 IST: SIX!! Short delivery from Hasan Ali, Dhawan shuffles a little and pulls the ball for a maximum. The fielder at the boundary did not move. Such was the power in the shot.

21:45 IST: India 58/0 after 10 overs, need 105 more runs to win vs Pakistan.

21:43 IST: FOUR!! Shikhar Dhawan now getting in the groove. Faheem provides a tad bit of width outside off and Dhawan cuts him past the fielder at point. That was immaculate.

21:41 IST: Faheem Ashraf replaces Usman Khan in the middle.

21:40 IST: India 52/0 after 9 overs vs Pakistan. India are crusiing at the moment in the run chase.

21:38 IST: FOUR!! Rohit Sharma welcomes Hasan Ali in the middle with a boundary towards deep mid-wicket. Short delivery from Hasan Ali and Rohit Sharma pulls the ball with ease for one-bounce boundary. These short delivery against Rohit are working for Pakistan.

21:35 IST: India 46/0 after 8 overs vs Pakistan.

21:34 IST: FREE-HIT!! Usman Khan bangs the ball in again. Rohit, on the front foot, pummels the ball towards deep mid-wicket boundary for a huge, huge maximum. The ball lands in the second tier.

21:33 IST: FOUR!! Short delivery from Usman Khan and Rohit Sharma pulls him again for a boundary. The fine-leg fielder in standing inside the circle. This is poor bowling from Usman. Adding salt to injury, this was no-ball as well, India get a free-hit.

21:31 IST: SIX!! Usman Khan bangs the ball in, Rohit Sharma gets inside the line of the ball and pulls it with great power. The ball takes the top edge of Rohit’s bat and flies towards the fine leg boundary. The first maximum of the innings.

21:27 IST: India 27/0 after 7 overs vs Pakistan.

21:26 IST: FOUR!! Pitched up delivery from Amir, Rohit stands tall and punches  the ball through cover for the second boundary. The Indian captain is breaking the shackles.

21:25 IST: FOUR!! Amir loses his concentration. He bowls short and wide, Rohit rocks back and cuts it hard for a boundary. That ball raced away to the boundary.

21:23 IST: Shikhar Dhawan punches the ball to the mid-on and steals a quick single. Rotating the strike will be crucial for India.

21:21 IST: India 17/0 after overs vs Pakistan. They need more 146 runs to win.

21:19 IST: Well, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are being watchful at the moment. Not taking any unnecessary risks.

21:15 IST: A maiden over from Mohammad Amir. India 15/0 after 5 overs.

21:14 IST: Four dot balls from Amir now. Dhawan on the strike negotiating the balls carefully. He is looking in fine touch.

21:11 IST: Dhawan takes a single on the last ball of the fourth. India 15/0 after 4 overs vs Pakistan.

21:10 IST: Four dot balls in a row for Usman Khan. Dhawan is seeming restless. He needs to hold his nerves and negotiate carefully.

21:06 IST: India 14/0 after 3 overs vs Pakistan.

21:04 IST: FOUR!! Amir goes full and wide and Dhawan crunches it through the cover for a boundary. That shot was effortless. Dhawan is on the charge.

21:02 IST: India 7/0 after the 2nd over.

20:59 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma is very lucky. Usman Khan’s delivery comes back in sharply, Rohit looking to defend, gets an inside edge and the ball misses the stumps before rolling away to the fine-leg boundary area. India get their first boundary.

20:58 IST: Usman Khan comes in the bowling attack from the other end.

20:57 IST: India 2/0 after the 1st over vs Pakistan.

20:54 IST: First ball — Mohammad Amir shapes the ball in and Rohit Sharma carefully nudges the ball around to get off the mark.

20:50 IST: Right then! Welcome back to India’s chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are opening for India.

20:09 IST: Pakistan 162 all out in 43.1 overs.

20:08 IST: WICKET!! Bumrah castles Usman Khan for a duck as he gets his second. Usman Khan was complete clueless as the ball rattled the off stumps.

20:07 IST: Pakistan 162/9 after 43 overs against India.

20:04 IST: Usman Khan is the new man in.

20:02 IST: WICKET!!! Ambitious Hasan Ali departs. Bhuvneshwar gets his third wicket of the night. Hasan Ali tryingto dispatch the ball into the stands, miscues and Dinesh Karthik at mid-on takes a comfortable catch. Pakistan 160/9 in 42.1 overs.

20:00 IST: Pakistan 160/8 in 42 overs against India.

19:57 IST: Hasan Ali, right handed batsman, comes to the crease.

19:56 IST: WICKET!!! Jasprit Bumrah gets his first wicket of the match, Faheem Ashraf departs for 21. Bumrah’s slower delivery did the trick. Ashraf going for the big hit, fails to read the slower delivery and sends the ball sky-high as Dhawan completes the catch.

19:51 IST: Pakistan 157/7 in 40 overs.

19:49 IST: FOUR BYES!! Kuldeep Yadav tosses the ball up, Faheem Ashraf going for inside out, and edges the ball. The ball misses the stumps and Dhoni before rolling away to the boundary. Much-needed boundary for the Pakistan.

19:47 IST: Another excellent over from Kedar Jadhav comes to an end. Pakistan 151/7 in 39 overs.

19:46 IST: 150 comes up for Pakistan in the 39th over.

19:45 IST: Pakistan 148/7 in 38 overs vs India.

19:43 IST: FOUR!! Faheem Ashraf goes inside-out and finds the fence at deep cover. Ashraf is waiting for the bat deliveries to score the boundaries.

19:42 IST: DROPPED!! Mohammed Amir is fancying his chances here. Goes after Yuzvendra Chahal but miscues. Dhawan runs in from the deep but the ball falls in no man’s land. Amir survives.

19:41 IST: Another tidy over from Kedar Jadhav comes to an end. Pakistan 141/7 after 37 overs.

19:39 IST: Pakistan 138/7 after 36 overs vs India.

19:38 IST: DROPPED!! It is all happening in Chahal’s over. Faheem Ashraf chips the ball back to Chahal, who fails to complete the catch. This was the third catch of the match that was dropped.

19:36 IST: FREE-HIT!! Pakistan get a free-hit. Amir clubs Chahal for a big one but the shot did not have enough power. Kuldeep takes a catch at long-on and throws the ball back in. Pakistan get just one run off the free-hit.

19:34 IST: Kedar Jadhav concedes just four runs in his seventh over. Pakistan 134/7 in 35 overs.

19:32 IST: Pakistan 130/7 in 34 overs vs India. If we compare last night’s game, Hong Kong were 174/0 after the 34th over against India.

19:30 IST: FOUR!! Mohammad Amir looking to guide the ball over mid-off, edges and gets a boundary. The ball flies between Dhoni and Dhawan, at the slips. Bumrah is disbelief. Amir gets lucky. Useful runs for Pakistan.

19:28 IST: FOUR!! Full and outside from Bumrah and Faheem drives it for a boundary. That ball rocketed away to the fence. Ambati Rayudu dives but fails to keep the ball inside the field of play.

19:25 IST: Pakistan 121/7 in 33 overs. Mohammad Amir is the new batsman in.

19:24 IST: WICKET!! Kedar Jadhav gets his third. Shadab Khan goes for the big heave, misses it and Dhoni does the rest behind the stumps. Dhoni whips off the bails before Shadab could even drag his leg behind the crease. Fans are chanting, “Dhoni, Dhoni.”

19:22 IST: Pakistan 120/6 in 32 overs vs India.

19:21 IST: India lose a review. Bumrah angles the ball back into Faheem Ashraf, who is rapped on the pads. A huge LBW appeal is turned down by the on-field umpire. Rohit Sharma takes a review but the ball tracker shows the ball was completely missing the stumps. Height saves Faheem Ashraf.

19:15 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes back in the attack. India are going in for the kill.

19:13 IST: Pakistan 113/6 after 30 overs.

19:10 IST: A wicket-maiden for Kedar Jadhav. Pakistan 110/6 in 29 overs vs India.

19:07 IST: WICKET!! Kedhar Jadhav bowls short and wide, Asif Ali trying to cut, throws his bat with all his power but manages only an edge. MS Dhoni, behind the stumps, takes a cool and composed catch. Pakistan are crumbling down here.

19:04 IST: SIX!! Asif Ali, the new man in, sits down and clubs Kuldeep Yadav over long-on for his first six of the match. Much-needed boundary for the Pakistani side.

19:02 IST: Pakistan 100/5 in 27 overs vs India. Shadab Khan is the new batsman in.

19:01 IST: WICKET!! Shoaib Malik, the big fish, is run out for 43. Asif Ali pushes a Kedar Jadhav ball towards the off-side and Malik sets out for a quick run. Asif Ali spots the fielder and sends him back. Ambatai Rayudu quickly picks up the balls, takes aim and throws towards the non-striker’s end. The stumps are rattled and Shoaib Malik falls short. At last, he runs out of lives.

19:00 IST: 100 comes up for Pakistan in the 26.3 overs vs India.

18:57 IST: While Shoaib Malik is edging closer towards his 42nd half-century, wickets are falling at the other end. Pakistan 97/4 in 26 overs.

18:54 IST: Pakistan 96/4 after 25 overs vs India.

18:53 IST: Asif Ali is the new man in.

18:52 IST: WICKET!!! Manish Pandey takes a stunner in the deep to dismiss Sarfraz Ahmed off Kedar Jadhav. The Pakistani captain slogs Jadhav for a flat six. Manish Pandey, the substitute fielder, runs along the boundary ropes, takes the catch and throws the ball back in the field of play as he crosses the rope. He then comes back in the field of play and completes the catch. That was some catch!

18:50 IST: INJURY UPDATE — “Hardik Pandya has an acute lower back injury. He is able to stand at the moment and the medical team is assessing him now. Manish Pandey is on the field as his substitute,” tweets BCCI.

18:48 IST: Pakistan 93/3 in 24 overs.

18:47 IST: DROPPED!! Shoaib Malik is dropped on 37 now. Malik shimmies down the ground and clubs Kuldeep for a big one but miscues. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who was running towards the catch, over-runs it and loses the ball in the sun. Kuldeep Yadav is furious. Shoaib Malik gets another life. Kuldeep was celebrating before the catch was taken and Shoaib Malik too was walking off. “Don’t count your chicken before they hatch,” say the commentators on air.

18:45 IST: Pakistan 88/3 in 23 overs vs India.

18:43 IST: Kedar Jadhav is the new bowler in and concedes just one run in his first over. “Jadhav  bowls mixed pakodas,” says Sunil Gavaskar on air, referring to his variations in bowling.

18:42 IST: Pakistan 86/3 in 22 overs vs India.

18:40 IST: Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed is the new batsman in.

18:38 IST: WICKET!! And this the opening India were looking for. Kuldeep Yadav’s googly does Babar Azam in for 47. Babar Azam charged down the pitch, looking to work the ball around the leg side. The ball does enough to turn and beat Babar’s outside edge and clip the off stump. Kuldeep is ecstatic and so is the Indian team. Pakistan 85/3 in 21.2 overs.

18:37 IST: Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam are currently dealing in singles and doubles. Pakistan 85/2 in 21 overs. India are trying to break the partnership but both the Pakistan batsmen are looking very comfortable in the middle.

18:33 IST: Pakistan 80/2 after 20 overs.

18:27 IST: Ambati Rayudu completes Hardik’s over as he bowls a dot ball. Pakistan 73/2 in 18 overs.

18:25 IST: This is not a good sign. Hardik pandya has been escorted off the field. It seems like Hardik has sustained a hip injury.

18:22 IST: Hardik Pandya has hurt himself. He falls on the ground after completing his follow through. He looks is a lot of discomfort as the physio rushes on the field to attend the Indian all-rounder. Pakistan 73/2 after 17.5 overs.

18:19 IST: FOUR!! Hardik Pandya bowsl full and wide, Babar Azam frees his arms and drives the ball. Amabati Rayudu gives a chase from the sweeper cover, reaches the ball but kicks the ball back to the boundary rope while diving. What en effort from Rayudu.

18:17 IST: Pakistan score seven runs off the first over after drinks. Pakistan 67/2 in 17 overs.

18:12 IST: DRINKS — Pakistan 60/2 in 16 overs.

18:11 IST: DROPPED!! MS Dhoni dropped Shoaib Malik on 26. Malik trying to guide the ball towards third-man, gets a faint edge. The ball was a bit wide of Dhoni, who dives but fails to keep the ball in his hands. This is huge, huge moment in the game. Hardik Pandya, the bowler, is in disbelief, so are the Indian fans. 

18:08 IST: Shoaib Malik (26*) and Babar Azam (32*) are looking quite comfortable in the middle. India will have to break the partnership if they want to halt Pakistan.

18:07 IST: Chahal concedes just two runs in his second over. Pakistan 57/2 in 15 overs.

18:05 IST: Pakistan 55/2 in 14 overs. Pakistan will need these two batsman to build a massive partnership to keep them in the match.

18:04 IST: 50-run partnership between Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam comes up in the 14th overs. Hardik Pandya bowled a back of length delivery, Babar waited and then guided the ball towards third-man for a boundary.

18:00 IST: Pakistan 49/2 after 13 overs.

17:59 IST: SIX!! Shoaib Malik welcomes Kuldeep Yadav with a massive six towards deep mid-wicket. Flighted delivery from Kuldeep and Shoaib dances down the pitch and clubs the ball rows back. That was monstrous.

17:57 IST: Kuldeep Yadav has been introduced in the attack.

17:55 IST: Pakistan 40/2 after 12 overs.

17:54 IST: FOUR!! A Hardik Pandya fuller ball pitches in middle and leg and Babar Azam flicks the ball through mid-wickets for a boundary. That shot was well-timed. It will be safe to say now that Babar Azam is slowly getting into the groove.

17:52 IST: Pakistan 32/2 after 11 overs.

17:51 IST: FOUR!! Chahal bowls a short ball and Babar Azam’s eyes lit up. Babar Azam rocks back and punches the ball wide of extra cover to ruin Chahal’s over.

17:49 IST: Change of bowling from both the ends. Yuzevndra Chahal is introduced in the attack.

17:47 IST: Pakistan 25/2 after 10 overs. India have been the dominant side in this contest till now. With two quick wickets early in the innings, India have not allowed Pakistan to gain momentum in the game. Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam are in the middle.

17:45 IST: A change of bowling for India. Hardik Pandya, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack.

17:43 IST: Just one run from the Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s over. Pakistan 23/2 in 9 overs.

17:41 IST: Babar Azam guides the ball towards mid-on fielder with soft balls as they take a quick single. The Indian fielder takes an aim towards the striker’s end but Malik, running towards it, reaches home comfortably.

17:39 IST: A quiet over from Bumrah comes to an end. He concedes just two runs off it. Pakistan 22/2 in 8 overs.

17:36 IST: Pakistan 20/2 in 7 overs.

17:34 IST: FOUR and FOUR!! Babar Azam is on the charge here. Bhuvneshwar bowls full and around off, Babar Azam leans forward and drills the drives straight down the ground. Bhuvneshwar follows it up with a back of length delivery, outside. Babar punches it through the covers and no India fielders moved a muscle. That shot was powerful.

17:31 IST: Pakistan 12/2 after 6 overs.

17:29 IST: Quick stat — Shoaib Malik has the scores of 143, 125*, 39 against India in Asia Cup.

17:28 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah goes full and Shoaib Malik says thank you as he takes a big stride forward and drives the ball nonchalantly for the first boundary of the match. This is an experience Shoaib Malik at work.

17:26 IST: Pakistan 4/2 after 5 overs.

17:22 IST: Shoaib Malik is the new batsman in.

17:20 IST: WICKET!! Bhuvneshwar has struck again and this time he gets the other Pakistan opener, Fakhar Zaman for a duck. Short of a length delivery from Bhuvneshwar yet again, Zaman pulls but manages a top edge. The ball flies high and Yuzendra Chahal takes a good, controlled catch at mid-wicket. Zaman was cramped up for place and didn’t have enough room for a pull but still went through with the shot. Pakistan 3/2 in 4.1 overs.

17:19 IST: Another maiden over from Bumrah, wonderful start for the Indian pacer. Pakistan 3/1 after 4 overs. Fakhar Zaman is yet to get off the mark, he has played 8 balls.

17:18 IST: Back of length delivery from Bumrah, Babar gets a bit of width and punches it straight towards cover-point.

17:15 IST: Pakistan 3/1 in 3 overs. This is not the start Pakistan were looking for but it is definitely the start India were looking for.

17:13 IST: Babar Azam, right handed bat, comes to the crease.

17:11 IST: WICKET!! Bhuvneshwar Kumar strikes as Pakistan lose Imam-ul-Haq for 2. Bhuvneshwar bangs in a short ball, Imam loses his nerves, charges down the track, throws his bat at the ball and Dhoni takes a comfortable catch behind the stumps. Pakistan 2/1 in 2.1 overs.

17:10 IST: Jasprit Bumrah begins with a maiden over. Pakistan 2/0 after the 2nd over.

17:08 IST: Four dots in a row for Bumrah, Zaman, on the strike, is struggling at the moment to clear the fielders.

17:07 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack from the other end.

17:06 IST: Pakistan 2/0 after the 1st over.

17:05 IST: First runs — Bhuvneshwar strays on the leg side and Imam works the ball in front of square to take a couple of runs.

17:04 IST: First ball — Bhuvneshwar starts with a short of a length delivery, Imam-ul-Haq defends the ball off the back-foot.

17:03 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opening the bowling attack for India and Imam-ul-Haq is on the strike. 

17:00 IST: Pakistan openers Imam-ul-Haq and Fakhar Zaman are walking out in the middle. India, on the other hand, are in a huddle.

16:55 IST: Both teams have walked out in the middle. This will be followed by the pre-match rituals — singing of the national anthems and exchange of greetings.

16:45 IST: India were victorious the last time they played two successive ODI games. They played Sri Lanka on January 10 and Bangladesh on January 11 back in 2010.

16:40 IST: Pakistan playing XI:

16:38 IST: Team India playing XI:

16:36 IST: CHANGES — Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya come back in the squad. Shardul Thakur and Khaleel Ahmed miss out.

16:34 IST: “Would’ve batted first. Nevertheless we now know what we’re doing. Have to accept the fact that we were rusty against Hong Kong. They played well, showed great determination. To cross the line was a great deal. Fresh game today, guys looking forward to it,” says India captain Rohit Sharma.

16:32 IST: “Will bat first. Looks like a good batting pitch, hope to get runs and put them under pressure. Same team. Have to score 280-plus,” says Sarfraz Ahmed after the toss.

16:30 IST: Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed wins toss and elects to bat against India.

16:25 IST: We are five minutes away from the toss. Stay tuned!

16:20 IST: Throwback — Ahead of the much-awaited clash, here is a video of Mohammad Amir dismissing Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final.

16:16 IST: The Pakistan cricket team practices ahead of their clash against India.

16:13 IST: India will be wary of Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman who has scored three hundreds and a half-century in his last five ODI outings.

16:10 IST: Trivia — India spinner Yuzvendra Chahal can become the third fastest India to 50 ODI wickets if he takes two wickets against Pakistan. If he achieves this feat, he will be trailed by pacer Ajit Agarkar (23 matches) and spinner Kuldeep Yadav (24 matches).

16:00 IST: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the match between India and Pakistan.

Most of all, it is the occasion that is important. Cricket fans in both nations are not prepared to take a loss from the neighbours, and that is where it becomes such a big thing. Another key issue will be how India recover from their first match with Hong Kong. The weather in Dubai is not the most conducive for playing on two successive days and this may well come into effect, as Pakistan have had a day’s rest post their win over Hong Kong.


India: Rohit Sharma (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shardul Thakur, Dinesh Karthik, Khaleel Ahmed.

Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed (capt/wk), Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul Haq, Babar Azam, Shan Masood, Shoaib Malik, Haris Sohail, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, Faheem Ashraf, Hasan Ali, Junaid Khan, Usman Khan, Shaheen Afridi, Asif Ali, Mohammad Amir.


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