An auto driver’s generosity, and more

Go fund what?

After some good relentless binging on a season of Shark Tank and then its British pal Dragons’ Den, I often found myself wondering just how some of the most mind-boggling ideas get funding. Remember that one Shark Tank pitch with the slimming mirror? So I proceeded to think about the ways in which crowd-funding has spurned on the least productive things.

Zack Danger Brown on Kickstarter wanted to simply make potato salad, asking for $10, adding, “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.” But somehow, the investment mutated, with over $55,000 coming in for the salad. So naturally, he threw a potato salad-themed party, as one does, when there’s a surplus of funding.

Then there’s the light-up toilet bowl for those dizzy night-time trips to the loo. Why? Well, according to IllumiBowl it’s a great solution for guys who have trouble “aiming in the dark” or “girls who fall in”. Now, wouldn’t that look cool with squatter loos… or terrifying?

This whole subject drives an interesting discourse; how willing are we to put hard-earned money into these brow-raising ideas rather than into the more hard-hitting stuff? Does it come from the idea of simply having fun or is it just about believing in someone’s dream and giving them a little push?

An auto driver’s generosity, and more

There’s hope

With the terrifying stories coming out regarding #MeToo, there are the occasional accounts which do give us hope for society’s betterment.

Delhi-dweller Neha Das shared a story of an auto driver who gave her a ride home after she had finished work pretty late. When she asked him what the fare would be, he simply replied that no payment was needed and that her safety was the main thing. The driver, Praveen Ranjan, has been the subject of a lot of praise across the web around the world.

While Neha has taken the post down or switched the privacy, it doesn’t mean the story stops circulating. That’s the great thing about the Internet, after all.

Yes Tanya!

I’m obsessed with Aussie Internet comedienne-author Tanya Hennessy. Her dry sense of humour and her laissez-faire attitude to a lot of superficial issues are what keep me clicking on her Facebook page frantically for new videos.

She went viral last year with her version of a make-up tutorial using a years-old brush which, she says, hasn’t been washed, adding, “I bought this MAC Prep and Prime because the beautiful artiste just told me I need it.”

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