Nourdine Hmaimou – On a spree to nurture the talent of the underprivileged children.

Nourdine Hmaimou is one of the talented players from London who has survived all odds to pursue his dream and become a popular soccer player. Currently an attacking midfielder and also playing as a right winger, he is a great physical player with an explosive burst of pace and a a good left foot. The Moroccan player is also“equally adept at playing with his right foot”proving his versatility.

Solely with his talent and hard work he has made a huge name for himself in the football domain. Often said to be the next ‘Messi’ of his team, he works really hard to foster his talent and practices every day to uplift his skills and learn new things. But apart from this he along with his few friends are working towards nurturing the talent of the underprivileged children and making the best team out of them.

He believes that God has given talent to everyone and is passionately trying to uplift underprivileged kids who are now focused on just one goal in life – the netted one they need to score in. He works to promote the holistic development among the children by giving them both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Here is where he is putting his coaching skills learned during his Football Coaching and Management course to use.

He was just 13 when he realized his passion for football. Soon this passion became the purpose of his life and today he is literally changing the lives of those talented kids through his love for the sport. When asked about this noble venture in his life he says “The first thing we did was to identify the roots of the sport in these kids. We try our best to do everything we can for them, right from getting good resources, to meet their basic necessities etc. And all this we do from the money out of our own pocket.”

He says, “Our goal is to prepare and make the best team out of them. These kids are extremely talented and if given chance they can really make a difference and win a cup for the country.” And you can really see the spark in his eyes when he talks about the kids with whom his team works day and night to make champions out of them.

The reason this idea struck to him was when he saw his favourite team and one of his admiring player lose a match against a simple club. He thought though he is an idol in that match was the best player, but it is very difficult for just one person to change the football scenario. So, a change is required from the grass root and young level.

He asked help from his friends to help these kids, and together they started organizing workshops and teaching them everything he knows. But this was not it! If he wanted to make champions out of them he needed more focused kids who were willing to make the sport their life. That was when he started making videos, coaching them in various entertaining ways he could, and giving them all life lessons.

A true hero on and off the ground isn’t he!

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